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Rhinoplasty Reviews

Patient Testimonials for Rhinoplasty
in Beverly Hills, CA

  • He left no questions unanswered

    Self esteem? I never knew what that was. I mean, I never had any until after my rhinoplasty surgery. See, I was always the girl with her hair over her face. I would hear comments like, "The girl with the potato nose" or, "Oh yeah, she's pretty, but her nose". My nose was the first thing that stood out when I looked in the mirror. Ewh! There was no way to hide it. I hated it.

    Then I met Dr. Golshani. Since the first day I walked into his office I felt right at home. All his staff and everyone at his office were very courteous. Dr. Golshani made me feel confident about my decision. He knew exactly what I wanted. He described the procedure in plain and simple words that I understood.

    After doing my own research on rhinoplasty and going to several cosmetic surgeons, I made my decision as soon as I stepped out of Dr. Golshani's office. I knew he was the one. Right to the day of my surgery he made sure I was comfortable. He left no questions unanswered. Everyone at the surgical facility made me feel at ease. The nurse that was assigned to me was very nice and fulfilled all my needs.

    Dr. Golshani is the best! I recommend him to anyone that is considering cosmetic surgery. My life has changed tremendously. I am very confident now. I can wear my hair up without feeling self-conscious about my looks. I love my side profile now. I am very happy with the results. I have no regrets.

    E. H. - Los Angeles, CA

  • Rhinoplasty Reviews Beverly Hills, CA
  • Very Professional and Very Kind

    I had my initial consultation. I really appreciated how Dr. Golshani took the time to go over my medical history. He took the time to answer all of my questions, as did his assistant. They were both very professional and very kind. By the end of my consultation I felt I could trust Dr. Golshani and his team to take the best care of me.

    Onitra J.

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  • I am one happy customer!

    I am one happy customer!! I opted to go with Dr. Golshani due to his professionalism, experience, and reputation. Dr. Golshani and his staff are wonderful and have treated me with such respect and kindness. I am absolutely in love with my new body and I feel that I made the best choice with Dr. Golshani. He listened to me and my results couldn't have been any better! Thank you!

    Zenaida C.

  • Rhinoplasty Testimonials Beverly Hills, CA
  • A True Renaissance Man

    Although Dr. Golshani's medical credentials speak for themselves, there is a calm, quiet strength that comes from Dr. Golshani that is difficult to capture on paper. If you are familiar with the term "Renaissance Man", it was coined for this incredible surgeon. There is no false bravado.

    He is a blend of excellent surgical skills, with the talent of a gifted artist mixed with professionalism, integrity and the right amount of sensitivity to make the entire surgical experience smooth and seamless.

    S. M., Beverly Hills, CA

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