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Clinical Esthetician

Beverly Hills Clinical Esthetician

Dr. Golshani is a clinical esthetician in Beverly Hills. A clinical esthetician is best described as a skin care therapist that effectively understands how to utilize a variety of procedures, methods, and treatments to help patients receive healthy skin that is able to retain its youthful properties.

As a board certified professional in plastic & reconstructive surgery, Dr. Golshani knows how to best alter his patient’s personal appearance using the most modern techniques and practices that are offered today. This ensures all of his patients receive the highest possible care and attention to greatly enhance the skin’s appearance.

Every patient has different needs and responds to treatments differently, making it important to develop a relationship that offers appropriate treatments based on a variety of factors.

Dr. Golshani will work with you to develop a skin care regimen that aims at delivering aesthetically pleasing results and healthy skin based on your skin type and other important factors. Interested in learning more? Contact Dr. Golshani of Beverly Hills today for a free, personal consultation.

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