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The Perfect Nose

About our Rhinoplasty procedure

The nose is the central feature of the face. It’s shape and size can define personal beauty and facial balance. Many patients often remark that an aesthetically unpleasing nose puts their whole face out of focus, withdrawing attention from the beauty of their eyes and their brow or their lips and cheeks, much as an out of focus camera lens. A large humpy ridge, or undefined and down turned tip steal undue attention and can make the owner very self-conscious even during normal conversation. Volumes of text have been written about features that make a nose beautiful or aesthetically unpleasing.

Some are easily recognized and agreed upon, such as removal of a large nasal hump, or mild lifting of a down-turned tip. Other features are subject to the keen eyes of the patient, her or his plastic surgeon, and the cultural norms. Determining what needs to be done requires excellent communication between the plastic surgeon and the patient aided by patient’s photographs, a deep understanding of the underlying nasal anatomy by the surgeon, and experience to perform hundreds of possible steps to achieve a desired outcome that can last a lifetime.

Dr. Daniel Golshani performs a large number of first time and revisional rhinoplasty procedures using closed or open rhinoplasty techniques. He is regarded by his patients for his deep attention to detail and refinement of rhinoplastic techniques aimed at acheiving perfect form and function. As a patient undergoing rhinoplasty, you should expect no less.

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