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The Perfect Face

An overview of our facial procedures

Our face is comprised of many components that all have a large impact on the way we are perceived. From our eyelids to our ears, our face is an important aspect of our body that is capable of leaving lasting impressions.

As we age, our bodies begin to change – often straying away from our pleasant youthful features. Its a natural process, which fortunately can be reversed with a skilled, artistic hand. The Perfect Face attempts to restore your youthfulness, giving you an aesthetically pleasing face that more than meets the eye.

Are you unsatisfied with specific features on your face, including your nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, or chin? You may be a great candidate for The Perfect Face, which consists of a variety of procedures that all aim at enhancing the way you are perceived. For a rejuvenated facial look, schedule a consultation today with Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Golshani.

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Eyelid Surgery
Brow Lift
Neck Lift
Ear Surgery
Non-Surgical Facelift

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