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Facial Procedures - Corsette Neck Lift

Necklift Beverly Hills

“I never knew a necklift was all I needed to feel myself again.”

-Kristy W.

For many people, the neck is the first area to show signs of aging such as weakened neck muscles that cause the appearance of "bands" around the neck. The natural aging process will inevitably take a toll on our faces & our body, including our neck. Some people will develop wrinkling & prolonged damage from the sun while others will gain fat that accumulates around the neck. Others may even be prone to other signs!

One thing is for sure: necklift surgery in Beverly Hills & Century City, CA with Dr. Golshani will provide you with life-changing results that you never thought were possible. Most women are not familiar with the power of a necklift & the procedure is often combined with other procedures to bring your youth back!

Beverly Hills Neck Lift Surgery
Feel Yourself Again!

A necklift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that will improve visible signs of aging in the neck, such as:

  • Removing loose, sagging skin from under the chin
  • Correcting visible vertical bands on the neck
  • Eliminating areas of fat from under the chin (i.e. double chin) and on the neck
  • Restoring a smooth, youthful-looking neck

Beverly Hills Necklift Before & After Photos

Frequently performed in conjunction with a Mid-Facelift or facial implants, a Neck Lift can improve an aging neck by significantly reducing the appearance of sagging skin under the jaw. Here’s an example of an actual patient who had a Beverly Hills necklift surgery performed by Dr. Golshani.

Beverly Hills Necklift Surgery Before & After

What to Expect from Necklift in Beverly Hills

Depending on each patient's individual needs, Neck Lift surgical procedures may be performed as an outpatient procedure using either local anesthesia, with deep sedation, or general anesthesia and may take 1.5 to 3 hours.

Perfected by Dr. Golshani, Corsette Platysmaplasty is an advanced Neck Lift technique, which allows for very significant improvements in neck and jawline contours & minimal down time following the procedure.

Still Have Questions? Dr. Golshani Will Help.

No matter how much text or material you read online about necklift surgery, there’s a good chance you will still have several questions that remain unanswered. In this case, we strongly urge you to spend time with Dr. Golshani during a 1-on-1 consultation in order to have all of your questions answered by a double board-certified surgeon.

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Dr. Golshani Patient Testimonial

Dr. Daniel Golshani is a double-board certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon providing necklift to Beverly Hills & surrounding areas including: Century City, Los Angeles, Westwood, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Holmby Hills, & more.

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