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brow lifts

Facial Procedures - Brow Lift Surgery

Over time, many patients feel that their eyebrows begin to look droopy, causing them to look sad, depressed, and even angry. Such droopiness or sagging usually occurs in conjunction with other signs of facial aging. A Brow Lift can tighten loose skin, remove excess forehead wrinkles and correct drooping eyelids. The best results are evident when patients' eyebrows are elevated to a natural level. Many patients, therefore, choose to have a Brow Lift in conjunction with upper and/or lower eyelid surgery to achieve optimal results.

The benefits of your surgical procedure result in a more youthful, rested and energetic appearance and reveal a smooth, firm contour of the eyelids. Equally important is perhaps the benefits patients feel emotionally. Because of the improvement in the appearance of their eyes, Dr. Golshani's patients often express feeling more alert, energetic, and youthful.

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