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I am so glad I did this, I now have the face I have always dreamed of. Dr. Golshani is a true artist.” – Jane K. from Albuquerque

  • Do you find yourself self-conscious or self-aware of your nose?
  • Are you never satisfied with pictures because you dislike the way your nose appears?
  • Does your nose feature lumps, bumps, or crookedness?
  • Do you feel your nose appears too large for your face?
  • Do you find yourself having difficulties with breathing?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions above, then a rhinoplasty procedure may be a great way to restore your self-confidence and functional ability to breathe efficiently and properly.

Rhinoplasty - Enhancing Your Self-Confidence

Rhinoplasty is a very popular procedure both women and men have used to help smooth out their nose for a more appealing appearance, with the added benefit of allowing better airflow resulting in improved, easier breathing. There are a handful of benefits rhinoplasty offers.

Benefits of Receiving Rhinoplasty:
  • Greatly enhances self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Corrects breathing abnormalities caused by shape, size, and position of nose
  • No longer feel embarrassed to take pictures
  • Better sleep as a result of better breathing
  • More attractive physical appearance
  • Restores balance and harmony of facial features

Real Rhinoplasty Cases – Performed by Dr. Golshani

I have had the privilege to transform my patient’s lives through the power of rhinoplasty – a procedure whose subtle results have such a dramatic impact in many areas of life.

View my extensive gallery of rhinoplasty before and after photos.

However, I wanted to focus on a few of my patients – who have given me their permission to share with you - in revealing real stories that may be very similar to your own case.

Case 1
This patient complained of her nose being too large with a bump that apparently "ran in the family." During her rhinoplasty procedure I softened her profile, shaving down the large bridge, and re-shaped the nostrils to give her the nose she had always wanted. Onced her nose healed up you couldn't even notice that anything had been done.

Case 2
This patient noted that her nose did not match her, and that taking photos and even looking others in the eye was an issue. With this patient's procedure I softened the nasal cartilage removing the bulbous shape on the tip, and decreased the size to match her facial profile.

Why Dr. Golshani is the Right Choice for Rhinoplasty

The perfect nose is neither too long, too short, too round, nor too pointed. It takes a well-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon to make this perfect nose become a reality.

I am a double-board certified plastic & reconstructive located in Beverly Hills with my own surgical center equipped with all of the latest tools, techniques, and practices. I have spent a large majority of my free time honing my skills, which has allowed me the opportunity to touch my patient’s lives through my work. However, I do not like to call it work – I prefer to call it an art.

You may find yourself reading tons of stories, blogs, opinions, browsing pictures, etc. online – but I urge you to seek out a personalized consultation with an experienced board-certified surgeon such as myself. Nothing found online will be as valuable as an in-person one-on-one discussion.

Dr. Golshani Patient Testimonial

Frequently Asked Rhinoplasty Questions

I’ve heard of different types of rhinoplasty such as “open” and “closed”. How do I know which one is right for me?
Closed rhinoplasty is performed to hide scars as all incisions are made from the inside of the nose. Open rhinoplasty utilizes the whole nose for making the best incisions to meet your goals.

The issue with closed rhinoplasty is that it limits the surgeon in utilizing the best techniques. As such, many surgeons prefer the open rhinoplasty method as it gives them free reign to craft the perfect nose. However, depending on certain factors closed may still be preferred. All of this information is discuss in full detail during a consultation.

Will I have scars after my surgery?
This is always a major concern for any plastic surgery procedure. As mentioned earlier, I have perfected my trade in staying up-to-date with the best practices aimed at two aspects: minimal scarring and reduced recovery times. The patients I have worked on have all been extremely happy with their results with little cause of concern for scarring.

How long should I expect to be out of work for rhinoplasty?
You should plan to rest and relax for at least one week following your procedure, or until the bandage is removed. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that results in bruising and swelling where certain actions such as blowing the nose will be painful. Recovery is quick and speedy as long as you follow your surgeon’s directions.

Physical exertion is not something you should partake in for at least a month. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting or other physical exertion, then you will have to prepare some time off in order to promote successful healing.

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