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Breast Reduction Reviews

Patient Testimonials for Breast Reduction
in Beverly Hills, CA

  • I could not recommend him highly enough.

    After years of unhappiness and unwanted attention from the size of my chest, it was time to do something. The best plastic surgeon! I could not recommend him highly enough.

    C.A. -Beverly Hills, CA

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  • Breast Reduction Reviews Beverly Hills, CA
  • My results are beyond what I expected.

    We all struggle with imperfections, but when it consumes your life, it needs to be addressed. I was unable to participate in activities with my children, like tag and skipping rope, or take care of myself by working out due to due to the huge weight I carried on my chest. Yes, the boobies were too large for normal function. They were creating issues with my back and neck that stopped me from being myself.

    I asked my chiropractor if he could recommend a doctor that could alleviate my problem. He gave me Dr. Golshani's name, and he had nothing but praise to say about this doctor. In fact, he said if he had to send his wife to anyone for plastic surgery it would only be Dr. Golshani. After doing my own research, I made my appointment with Dr. Golshani. I felt comfortable with the doctor and his staff. However, for my own reasons, thinking I could live with the problem, I did not schedule the surgery. Almost a year later, I had enough. I called and scheduled. I only wished I would have done it sooner!

    Dr. Golshani talked me through all the steps of why, how, and what would be the best options for me. He was always patient, kind, and most importantly, honest about what I could expect from this surgery.

    The only downside to this process was the hospital canceled my surgery date. I was very upset as I had planned around this date. As it turns out, it was for the best. Because of the cancellation, I decided to have the procedure done at Avosant Surgical Center (Dr. Golshani's own hospital in his building) after talking with Crystal about the hospital screw up. She advised me that their office had complete control over their surgical center whereas I would be at the complete mercy of the hospital for all the decision from schedule time/changes to billing. At Avosant, Dr. Golshani hand picks everyone you come in contact with: anesthesiologist and nurses. The personal care you get is unbelievable. It is one on one with the main goal of making you as comfortable as possible. After surgery, I did not feel sick or groggy. My sister, who works in the medical field, came with me and watched over me from pre to post opt, and she was very impressed with the staff and Dr. Golshani's bedside manner.

    The office staff was very kind, helpful, and accommodating. I would give myself plenty of drive time to get down to Dr. Golshani's, and sometimes I would arrive earlier than expected, sometimes not; I was always taken in promptly regardless of when I got there. My results are beyond what I expected. I am over the moon with the way I feel and look. I would recommend and HAVE recommended Dr. Golshani; he is an excellent doctor.

    T. H. -Santa Clarita, CA

  • Breast Reduction Testimonials Beverly Hills, CA
  • Truly an Amazing Surgeon

    Dr. Golshani is truly an amazing surgeon. I had both a breast reduction and tummy tuck with him after having had 3 children. My body had not come back to the small size I was before having children... Then I worked with Dr. Golshani and I have been transformed into my probably self. I have lost over 30 lbs since my 2 surgeries. My breasts are beautiful and so is my tummy. I had a lipoma under my breast that needed to be removed which is why I went to see him in the first place. The weight of my breasts were pushing my bra into my skin, creating the lipoma... So I knew I had to not only remove the lipoma but reduce my size H breasts. I am now a D. I am now a size 4-6. I was a 12-14. Without Dr. Golshani I would still be suffering at 178 lbs with my breasts and stomach hanging off me. My skeletal structure has been restored to an upright position. While in between breast reduction and tummy tuck I changed my diet to no sugar, carbs or dairy. I took charge of the part of my healing that could and Dr. Golshani did the rest. He is a sensitive gifted surgeon and I would highly recommend him! One more thing... His staff is wonderful!

    B. D. -Los Angeles, CA

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