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The Perfect Breasts

About our various breast procedures

Women (and men) of all ages have personal opinions regarding the perfect breast size or shape. But perfection is more than what meets the eye, and it does not always match our cultural stereotypes. Women present with complaints ranging from small but normal shaped breasts desiring larger ones, to those wishing to correct breast deformity, to patients who have very droopy and empty breasts after major weight loss desiring full and lifted breasts, to women who have carried size F or even larger breasts since puberty, and now suffer from chronic neck pain, back pain, and shoulder strap cuts into their skin, wishing to have lifted but much smaller breasts.

Perfection then becomes objective, and a place where understanding the patient’s perceptions and individual anatomy, the surgeon’s surgical skills, artistic skills, and compassion merge to create long-term natural, symmetric, and aesthetically pleasing results, with minimal surgical risks.

Dr. Daniel Golshani has performed thousands of Breast Procedures encompassing all of the above possibilities and well beyond, routinely performing reconstructive breast surgery for women who have had multiple failed previous surgeries and present to him with severe deformity, pain, and a significantly affected self image. If you wish to have the perfect breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or reconstruction for cancer or previous surgeries schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Golshani. While no surgical result is ever without risk or possible adverse outcome, Dr. Golshani is compulsive about aiming for the perfect outcome for each and every one of his patients.

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