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breast augmentation

I am so thankful for the way I look right now. I have been rejuvenated.

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills can help you feel better about yourself. Many women express anxiety due to the size and appearance of their breasts. Some want to have larger breasts because they feel displeased with their body image. Breast Augmentation can improve self-confidence by increasing breast fullness and providing a more proportioned, balanced figure.

Regarded as the most common form of cosmetic surgical enhancement, breast augmentation enhances the size, symmetry and overall appearance of a woman's breasts through the placement of implants. Patients interested in this procedure are usually women who want fuller breasts, have birthed children, or have experienced weight reduction and are concerned with sagging and a decrease in breast size.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Golshani, all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. Risks, potential complications and alternative methods of management will be discussed, followed by a review of many before and after photographs as needed. Dr. Golshani takes into account the unique needs of each patient and implant placement, type and size will be determined by your specific breast anatomy, body type and desired increase in size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different kinds of implants?
A patient will have different implant options to choose from when undergoing a breast augmentation. They can choose between silicon or saline implants (medium or high-profile) and a smooth surfaced or textured surface implant.

Is it better to place the implant over the muscle or under the muscle? Having the implants placed under the muscle is slightly more painful and has a relatively longer recovery period. Studies show that when under-the-muscle, implants show improved long-term contour and it is easier for a patient to obtain a mammogram. Chances of capsular contracture or breast hardening may also be decreased by positioning the implant under the muscle.

Can I breast-feed with breast implants?
Most women's ability to breast-feed is unaffected by Breast Augmentation. While, on average 50% of all women breast-feed, according to some studies, this ratio may be reduced to 40% in the Breast Augmentation population.

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