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Breast Augmentation Reviews

Patient Testimonials for Breast Augmentation
in Beverly Hills, CA

  • Best Thing I've Done For Myself

    For years I have contemplated getting a breast augmentation. I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I went to a total of 4 surgeons in the Beverly Hills area and after meeting Dr. G, I knew he was the surgeon for me. He is very talented, has amazing bedside manner, and makes you feel extremely comfortable while also assisting in making an informed decision by explaining ALL risks and complications. After doing the procedure, I am only 2 weeks post op, I couldn't be any happier! My breasts look amazing and everyone I show them to want them. My results are phenomenal and I attest it all to Dr. G and his exceptional skills and expertise in plastic surgery. THANK YOU!!!

    Bailey L. - Los Angeles, CA

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  • I highly recommend Dr. Golshani

    I was considering getting a breast augmentation for several years before visiting Dr. Golshani's office. I had been doing a great deal of working out which caused my breasts to get smaller, and in my opinion, hang lower. I always wore push up bras and never wanted to go without a bra in cute little tank tops even if they had built-in support. It was really the one part of my body that I couldn't change for the better with diet and exercise.

    For years, I didn't think that I could afford the surgery, so I never even bothered to get a consultation. About a year ago, a friend recommended Dr. Golshani's Beverly Hills office for laser hair removal. The clinic had brochures outlining various cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation so I thought I would try and book a consulation.

    Happily, my consultation went great. Dr. Golshani made me feel at ease immediately. He made sure that I was doing the surgery for myself and that no one else was influencing my decision. He also made sure that the size of my breasts after the surgery would be proportionate to my body size and build. Dr. Golshani answered all my questions thoroughly. The staff was always in contact with me helping me to get financing for the surgery and worked with me to schedule the surgery at a time that best suited my needs. They also worked with me in getting my required paperwork for being out of work for the required healing time.

    The day of the surgery, Dr. Golshani helped me to feel a little less nervous about getting the surgery. After going home, he personally called me to see how I was doing. The surgery, overall, had a quick recovery time and I haven't had any complications. It took awhile getting used to my new breasts, but I'm so glad that I did it. I feel like my body is more proportionate than it had been previously. I feel more feminine and don't want to hide behind push-up bras anymore. It's bikini season, and I'm confident in wearing a cute little string bikini like I've always wanted to. I would recommend getting breast augmentation to anyone who wants it for the right reasons. I would also recommend Dr. Golshani to be the one who does it.

    E.C. - Ventura, CA

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  • Should Have Done It Sooner! Great Experience!

    Dr.Golshani was very comforting and respectful during my first consultation with him. He answered all of my questions and knew exactly the perfect size implant for my body size and shape. His staff is so supportive and really do hold your hand through out the whole process. If you want a positive experience in something that is really life changing than you should definitely consider having your surgery done with him!

    Roxy - Mission Hills, CA

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