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Calling Dr. Golshani was one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my life!

  • Are you ready to get your beach body back?
  • Has your tummy caused you a great deal of shame over the years?
  • Do you struggle to find the courage or motivation to go to the gym because of your tummy?
  • Do you often feel that working out is a waste of time because nothing seems to be improving the look of your tummy?
  • Have you tried a number of different diets that have done absolutely nothing to improve the look of your tummy?
If you've answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then it's time to take back control of your life. A tummy tuck is the answer you have been looking for, giving you an opportunity for a fresh start with the beach body you desire.

Tummy Tuck - A Life-Changing Procedure

A tummy tuck is an extremely popular plastic surgery procedure and can seriously transform your life. Ask any of my patients, and they will tell you about the night and day difference it made before and after their tummy tuck procedure.

One important point to keep in mind, however, is that tummy tucks are never recommended until patients have already tried diet and exercise, as a solution to their concerns. Tummy tucks are encouraged, in other words, only after patients have already taken appropriate steps to incorporate proper diet and exercise, with no success.

Tummy Tucks offer a handful of benefits:
  • Improved Self-Image and Confidence
  • Substantial weight loss
  • Improved posture
  • Decreased back pain
  • Seriously increased motivation to stay healthy and fit
  • Improved productivity
  • Personal transformations

Real Case Studies of My Own Patients

No amount of words can describe the way tummy tuck patients feel after their procedure. But I can give you an idea based on a couple of my previous clients that have allowed me to showcase their results.

Case 1
This patient is a mother of two who complained of loose skin, stretch marks, and very severe muscle laxity. After receiving a full Tummy Tuck and extensive muscle tightening, she became extremely motivated to maintain her new shape. A year following her procedure, she continues to maintain her slim new figure and says that she has never looked better or felt happier.

Case 2
This patient came to me complaining of very large and heavy breasts and abdominal laxity with loose skin and muscle, causing her to shy away from physical activity. She hated this feeling, so she took action. I gave her a Mommy Makeover including a Tummy Tuck. She now hits the gym at least 3x a week because of her restored confidence.

Why Dr. Golshani is the Right Choice

I have helped thousands of women change for the better over the past 17 years. I am a board certified plastic surgeon that continues to learn every day. Minimal scarring and reduced recovery times are the reasons why I spend a majority of my time perfecting my technique.

I know how you feel and I truly want to help you change your life in a positive way. But it begins with an initial desire to take action. If you’re ready to change your life, then please give my office a call @ (310) 274-3481 to set up your consultation.

No matter what you find or read online, it will not be as beneficial and valuable to you unless you meet with an experienced board certified surgeon such as myself.

Dr. Golshani Patient Testimonial

Frequently Asked Tummy Tuck Questions

Will I be able to move after surgery?
Standing up straight may be difficult at first, but a patient should attempt to start walking as soon as possible, most often by the next morning after surgery. Movement and exercise promotes healing, lowers the chance of blood clots and fever, and may help you feel better. Dr. Golshani will discuss with patients the pre-operative and post-operative diet, exercise and supplement planning, which is highly individualized in each case.

How bad will the scars be?
Tummy Tucks do produce permanent scars. Most often, the incisions heal very well and are cause for little concern.

How long to wait until another surgery after getting a tummy tuck?
After a tummy tuck waiting 8 to 12 weeks for a breast lift is enough. Sometimes a tummy tuck can cause tightness in the lower breast tissues and this has to be taken in to account for a breast lift. The effect is often positive as fewer incisions may be necessary.

How much lipo can you do during a tummy tuck and does fixing an umbilical hernia hinder this process?
These are both excellent questions... The safest area to have liposuction is during a tummy tuck, as it gives the surgeon the best view and access to repair any hernia. Plastic surgeons are generally very capable of fixing umbilical hernias, unless there is bowel incarceration which will need a general surgeon involved and should be done separately from a tummy tuck. As for liposuction, fat can be suctioned and/or directly excised during a tummy tuck very safely if one rule is kept in mind. The skin pulled below the belly button has to be protected. The safest area to have liposuctioned during a tummy tuck is the lower flanks, hips and back which does not jeopardize the blood supply to the central skin area I mentioned above. If the buttocks are flat or flabby, this fat can be injected as a transplant in to the buttocks to give you a partial Brazilian buttock lift as well. Good luck. Daniel Golshani, M.D., Beverly Hills.

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