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Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

medical benefits tummy tuckTypically, abdominoplasty – or a tummy tuck as it is often referred to – is done for cosmetic purposes to remove fat and loose skin from the abdomen and tighten the muscles, so the reshaped abdomen can look slimmer and more youthful. However, a tummy tuck is not just cosmetic but also offers medical benefits as well.

1. Reduced Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Some women develop SUI after birth. Stress Urinary Incontinence is a bladder control condition associated with the uncontrollable leakage that comes when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or exercise. In most cases, SUI can be managed without surgery, but some patients, especially those who had a caesarian section, need a tummy tuck to help them recover, or reduce the issue considerably.

2. Improved Abdominal Tone and Posture

If you have had multiple pregnancies, or lost a considerable amount of weight, your stomach muscles will probably have become swollen, such that exercise and diet alone cannot help the situation. In such situations, it is recommended that you get a tummy tuck to tighten those weak muscles, while getting rid of excess fat, thereby flattening your abdomen. After the surgery, patients often experienced decreased abdominal weakness, better posture, and reduced back pain.

3. Reduced Back Pain

Patients with a large panniculus and considerable looseness of the abdominal muscles may also enjoy some health benefits from the surgery. There is usually some improvement to any back pain caused by the weight of the panniculus.

4. Ventral Hernia Correction

Ventral hernia a kind of abdominal hernia that forms when an incision that was made during a previous abdominal surgery has not healed properly. Some likely causes of ventral hernia include extreme weight loss and surgical procedures like appendectomies or caesarian sections. If not treated, the ventral hernia continues to grow at a slow pace, resulting in severe complications.

Ventral hernia correction seeks to fix weakened abdominal muscles, like abdominoplasty, and eliminate pressure on the skin. Hernia forms when there is a weak abdominal wall, so combining a tummy tuck with hernia correction can be effective in ensuring that the hernia does not occur again.

5. Improved Skin Condition

Patients suffering from persistent fungal infections and skin rashes often find that a tummy tuck resolves such issues by removing the excess skin.

Final Note

While recent studies show that there are quite a few health benefits related to an abdominoplasty, these are not usually the key reasons for having a tummy tuck. The surgery should still be motivated by the desire to improve your body contour, plus you must assess your own situation by having a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon.

beverly hills tummy tuck surgeonDr. Golshani performs tummy tuck surgery in Beverly Hills for both cosmetic & medical reasons. He is a board-certified surgeon that has been practicing for several years, perfecting his technique for minimal scarring and reduced recovery times. Learn whether or not you’re a good candidate for tummy tuck.

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